August 26, 2009

Adventures of the Bed (not like that!)

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Stupid plastic mattress!

Stupid plastic mattress!

Today I learned that my bed does indeed come apart. I learned this when I was flipping it upside down and it nearly came apart ON MY FACE!!! It’s in pieces, now, and my mattress is on the floor, and I have a little cubby in the corner. OMG, I COULD MAKE A FORT!!! I think my life just morphed into an MLIA entry. ­čÖé There are definitely worse things.


August 23, 2009

My Skeleton Hates Me

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Red=pain.  Ouchy!

Red=pain. Ouchy!

I didn’t technically learn this today, but this evening it was reinforced with a vengeance. When you pop or rotate your hips out of place, they don’t go back easily or quickly, and you can’t get comfortable for longer than thirty-seven-point-two seconds, not even to save your life. Stupid hips.

Edit: I also learned today that apparently I didn’t add a lesson for yesterday. Hmmm, that’s odd. I’ll see what I can do about that.