April 10, 2010

American Accents

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Apparently, according to foreigners, the proper way to imitate an American accent is to throw in words like dude, like, and totally, among others; and to brighten all the A’s and drawl words together. Strangely enough, though, it works.

I want to buy this for every international student I know. ­čśÇ


January 7, 2010

Love, In The Fourth Dimension! Not.

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The other day, I was told that, when it comes to relationships, I exist in the fourth dimension. “The first dimension is want. The second is personality. The third is sex. The fourth is usually time, but in this case, you ARE the fourth dimension!” This in response to the fact that I’ve never had sex (with a healthy dose of pity thrown in on the side). That I can have a relationship with a man that doesn’t involve sex, or that I can want a relationship with a man without wanting sex from him, apparently exists almost entirely outside the time-space continuum. Great.

First through fifth dimensions. I don't wanna think about what makes up the fifth.

August 20, 2009

Muggle Quidditch

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I learned today that there is an adaptation of Quidditch made for ground play among muggles. Check it out here. This is way too entertaining to skip. Go about three-quarters of the way down the page and read the heading “Muggle Quidditch”. Here’s an excerpt:

While the Snitch is a magical object within the canon of the Harry Potter novels, in Muggle Quidditch the Snitch is most often a sort of neutral player, usually dressed in all yellow. The Snitch, after release, is usually allowed to roam an area beyond the playing field. When played on a college campus the range is often the entire campus.

This person apparently dresses entirely in yellow and does anything they can to avoid being caught by the Seekers. OMG, this is, like, the best!