October 26, 2009

Empty Tummy Woes

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NEVER would I touch that much of the toilet, but you get the idea.

NEVER would I touch that much of the toilet, but you get the idea.

You know how, when you’re a kid, you like to share important health tips and tricks with your other kid friends? Well, when I was young I was told not to drink orange juice on an empty stomach because it would make you throw up. The acid, you know?

Anyway, today I took my medicine on an (almost) empty stomach. I’d had some orange juice, and figured that that would be enough to keep me from throwing up the multivitamin I take that makes me sick if I take it on an empty stomach. Orange juice doesn’t make me throw up when I drink that on an empty stomach, so I felt I’d be safe. Wrong. Within half an hour I was throwing up, just a little, but enough that I wanted to cry. I usually cry when I get sick, so yeah. The juice was obviously not enough to make taking the vitamins safe, so my lesson has been learned. The hard way.


August 26, 2009

Adventures of the Bed (not like that!)

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Stupid plastic mattress!

Stupid plastic mattress!

Today I learned that my bed does indeed come apart. I learned this when I was flipping it upside down and it nearly came apart ON MY FACE!!! It’s in pieces, now, and my mattress is on the floor, and I have a little cubby in the corner. OMG, I COULD MAKE A FORT!!! I think my life just morphed into an MLIA entry. ­čÖé There are definitely worse things.

August 23, 2009

My Skeleton Hates Me

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Red=pain.  Ouchy!

Red=pain. Ouchy!

I didn’t technically learn this today, but this evening it was reinforced with a vengeance. When you pop or rotate your hips out of place, they don’t go back easily or quickly, and you can’t get comfortable for longer than thirty-seven-point-two seconds, not even to save your life. Stupid hips.

Edit: I also learned today that apparently I didn’t add a lesson for yesterday. Hmmm, that’s odd. I’ll see what I can do about that.

August 18, 2009

Recent Lessons

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Doh!Here are a few HUGE lessons I’ve learned over the last few weeks:
-I can indeed live without Facebook for a week or more (actually already knew this)
-When your computer AC adapter dies and then suddenly works again, don’t waste the interim time playing online and listening to music. It will inevitably not work again.
-Doing an occasional happy-dance in your college dorm room as a twenty-two-year-old graduate student is definitely okay.
-Knowing the definition of insanity (continually engaging in the same action and expecting a different result) does not necessarily prevent one from fulfilling that definition, even if only temporarily.
-Showing up late to the first class of your graduate career makes you feel like a total idiot, especially when the professor of said class is your adviser, who hugged you the day before upon seeing you again. Doh!
-Moving into the dorm is much faster when half a dozen football players help unload your car and carry things up two flights of stairs. (Where were they when I was packing my house? And I’m glad I moved the tampons out of the top of the open box!)
-Trying to move out of a place by a certain time of day rarely happens as you would expect.
-Living so far away from the cafeterias makes one disinclined to trek over there to eat three times a day.
-Comparing Truman to UCM will probably not make me happy at this point in time.
-Lit review! *is scared*
-Taking naps during the day will not allow me to go to bed at a normal time, keeping me from getting up as early as I would like.

I know this is a cop-out list of things I’ve learned recently, but there you go. One for every day I missed because my computer died. Let’s try again tomorrow, shall we?

August 6, 2009

What happens when you break a cat

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Poor baby!

Poor baby!

Life lesson for the day:  Apparently being eviscerated is not good for one, even if one is a cat.