April 10, 2010

American Accents

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Apparently, according to foreigners, the proper way to imitate an American accent is to throw in words like dude, like, and totally, among others; and to brighten all the A’s and drawl words together. Strangely enough, though, it works.

I want to buy this for every international student I know. 😀


Mobile WordPress

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I feel this is enough of a lesson for one day, just knowing how to do *this*! YATTA!!!


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Um, hello?


Isn’t it ironic?

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The irony is striking here at I LEARN SOMETHING NEW… I can’t figure out how to update from my phone. Oh, IRONY, thou art a cruel d-bag!

GAH! *pulls hair out*

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I am trying to determine how to update this thing from my phone. I can access the site from my phone, but can’t stay logged in long enough to post. 😦 Working on it.

Captain Picard, you SO have it right...

In other news, I’ll turn 24 in exactly six months. Woo.

April 6, 2010

6 April, 2010 10:39

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Are you going to cooperate with me today?

January 7, 2010

Love, In The Fourth Dimension! Not.

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The other day, I was told that, when it comes to relationships, I exist in the fourth dimension. “The first dimension is want. The second is personality. The third is sex. The fourth is usually time, but in this case, you ARE the fourth dimension!” This in response to the fact that I’ve never had sex (with a healthy dose of pity thrown in on the side). That I can have a relationship with a man that doesn’t involve sex, or that I can want a relationship with a man without wanting sex from him, apparently exists almost entirely outside the time-space continuum. Great.

First through fifth dimensions. I don't wanna think about what makes up the fifth.

December 16, 2009

Things I Have No Business Knowing; or Wait, THAT’S What That Means???

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I learned what unf means, and is has nothing to do with the University of North Florida: it’s ultimately naughty. I’ve read it often in reference to ZQ (who plays Spock in the new Star Trek movie, and also Sylar in Heroes), where it is 100% appropriate. Whoa mama. As someone wrote, “I would hit this with the force of the Enterprise reaching Warp 9. And that is HIGHLY logical.”


November 20, 2009

I’m A Toys R Us Kid

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Lately, I realized that I can’t call my peers “men” and “women”. To do so would indicate that I, too, am a grown woman, and I categorically refuse to grow up. So there.

October 28, 2009

Statistics Don’t Lie… Or Do They?

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PresentationI’ve been thinking of presenting my capstone research at a Midwest undergraduate psychology conference (since I collected my data during my undergrad at Truman, I’m still eligible to present it). However, I have to be able to prove there’s something *worth* presenting. I spent a while tonight trying to coerce my data into yielding some significant results, but all in vain. I sent a professor an e-mail asking for advice, so hopefully she can give me some pointers tomorrow.

So yeah, statistics don’t lie… but I’m really going to try to make them.

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